Mobile dog groomer Brighton, Melbourne

What does it cost to groom my dog?


This depends on the breed, what style you'd like and what condition the dogs coat is in. A matted or badly knotted coat may limit the options for styling your pooch and may take extra time to tidy up.


I like to make sure your dog gets the most out our grooming session after all it's all about your pooch. Chat to me about what will work best for you and your dog. 


Your dog will always get a double shampoo wash, an intensive coat conditioner with massage, ear clean, fluff dry and pedicure using the gorgeous premium grooming product range from Melanie Newman. Wait to you see and smell how amazing your pooch is.

Grooming Products


I use premium  Australian made 100% natural grooming products from Melanie Newman - Salon Essentials. These products are aloe based with pure essential oils to bring out the best in your dogs coat. To find

out more about these

amazing shampoos

and conditioners

click here.

Pet Clips


Most of us want our pups to look and feel great and don't want to have the formal breed trim. Whether you're looking for an all-over summer clip off to maximise fun at the beach or you love the fluffy teddybear style trim, I'm happy to work with you to find the best and most stylish solution for your pooch.

Bath Time & Tidy Up 


Does your pup have a short coat or do you want to give your pup a bit of 'in between groom' pampering with a good bath and tidy up around the paws, eyes and ears? Need help to keep shedding coats under control? Then Bath Time & Tidy Up is just what you need.

Why grooming your dog is so different to you going to the hairdresser


  • Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end.


  • You don't go eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair.


  • Your hairdresser doesn't give you a hygiene trim.


  • Your hairdresser doesn't clean and defluff your ears.


  • Your hairdresser doesn't remove crusty boogers from your eyes.


  • You sit still for your hairdresser.


  • Your haircut doesn't include a manicure and pedicure.


  • Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.


  • You don't bite of scratch your hairdresser.


  • The likelihood of you pooping on the hairdresser is very slim.